By Rob Elbertsen

Altree Developments submitted an application last fall for the construction of two eight-storey residential buildings overlooking the Highland Creek ravine at Military Trail and Kingston Rd.

The community consultation meeting originally scheduled for April by Councillor Jennifer McKelvie was held virtually on November 3.

Hosted by City Planning staff, the meeting was attended by TRCA representatives, Councillor McKelvie and individuals representing Altree. The development applicant presented detailed information regarding their application, including possible building design and layout, road widening configurations, building amenities, resident greenspace behind the buildings and access to the Morrish Parkette.

This development application differed from the original plan. The number of residential units has decreased from 620 to 558 (some one-bedroom units were replaced with two- or three-bedroom units). Vehicle parking spaces have been reduced from 577 to 518 (435 for residents and 83 for visitors). It was also noted that on top of the eight-storey buildings would be a “mechanical penthouse,” approximately five metres in height. The plan maintains eight storeys even though the Highland Creek Secondary Plan and the zoning bylaws for the area permit a maximum building height of six storeys.

Following the presentation, planning staff and the applicant answered questions and addressed comments from attendees. See page ____ for details of that discussion.

All presentation slides and other documentation can be found at:

The next step will be for the applicant to present their plan to Scarborough Community Council, chaired by Councillor McKelvie. If approved, it will proceed to Toronto City Council for further review.

Anyone with comments or questions is strongly encouraged to contact City Planning staff as well as Councillor McKelvie’s office. The City Planning contact is Sophie Knowles, at 416-396-4157, Councillor McKelvie’s office can be reached at 416-338-3771, It’s important to make your views known.