Port Union Cares is grateful for the recognition of MP Gary Anandasangaree who presented the refugee sponsorship group’s Eritrean family with a certificate to commemorate their first year here.

By Beyhan Farhadi

We’re back with an update of what happened at our refugee sponsorship group over the summer.

In August, we hosted our Syrian family for dinner, ensuring they continue to feel supported even though they are not formally sponsored by us anymore. It was a festive occasion and an opportunity for PUC to celebrate their progress in Canada. Progress comes in many different forms. For most families who arrive as newcomers, it is an opportunity for their children to thrive. Both of the young girls are, indeed, thriving.

We continue to visit our Eritrean family, such that many of us consider them dear friends. Adjam has started Grade 1 and he’s thrilled to be back in school. Senait is too! We also celebrated their first year in Canada. This was a momentous occasion! Not only did we learn that Senait passed Level 4 English (which is quite a feat for her first year) but also, she was presented with a certificate to commemorate their first year by MP Gary Anandasangaree.

Port Union Cares is grateful for this recognition. MP Anandasangaree spent time with our group and shared stories of his journey to Canada. He arrived as a refugee with his mother in 1983, which has informed his advocacy not only for refugees and the principles of multiculturalism but also to community service and local initiatives like ours.

Last, we’ve been busy settling our new Afghani family, who arrived in July. They are resilient folks and we are doing our best to support all their needs in partnership with their family here. Currently, we’re collecting items for the winter months. Visit portunioncares.ca for details. Or contact us at portunioncares@gmail.com.