Jane McDonald, left, Lesley Moore and Ron Moore volunteered to canvass during our membership drive this month.

By Denise Bacon

It’s that time of year. Spring has sprung, tulips are sprouting, and the 2019 CCRA Membership Drive starts this month! Many of your neighbours have volunteered their time to knock on doors to ask residents of our beautiful community to join CCRA. Please give the canvasser a warm welcome and $15 for your household to be counted as a member. Th ere is great strength in numbers. Th e greater the number of members we have, the greater is our strength when dealing with city offi cials and politicians on matters that aff ect us. Our goal is for every household in Centennial to be a CCRA member. Please join if you haven’t done it yet. A big thank you to all who have!

CCRA has been an active community association for 70 years, which is no small feat. In celebration of this anniversary, we hope you will join us and support the work we do to ensure that Centennial continues to be this gem of a place that has developed over the decades.

Lesley Moore moved into the neighbourhood 14 years ago and has embraced the community. She values that “CCRA stands up for us!” Last year, Lesley answered the call for canvassers for the Membership Drive. Th rough canvassing, she got to meet many more neighbours who are now counted as friends.

Lesley tells a great story of chatting with one of the neighbours on Byford about how perfect their little street would be for a neighbourhood party. Very soon a committee of neighbours was struck, meetings were held, residents got on board and, voila, the fi rst neighbourhood party was held in September! Th is year, Lesley recruited her husband, Ron, to canvass for CCRA memberships, too.

Jane McDonald has been a longtime Centennial resident and member of CCRA. She was on the canvassing team in the 1990s and she is back this year. Jane says she joined CCRA so that the people who do advocacy for Centennial can keep on doing their good work.

Through canvassing, Jane enjoys a strong community feeling as she meets neighbours at their doors and then meets them again in the lineup at the grocery store and at other neighbourhood haunts. She says that canvassing is a great way to catch up. Jane had a special experience when
she was invited in for a cup of tea by an elderly person who was otherwise quite lonely. Canvassing opens doors to homes and hearts.

Please welcome neighbours who may knock on your door to ask you to join CCRA. If you don’t get a personal call to your door, please send in your 2019 membership application and payment.

We need more volunteers to canvass for us. Please contact me at membership@ccranews.com or 647-982-3561 if you can spare one or more evenings in May or June to help with this important effort.