At the corner of Meadowvale and Old Kingston Road is a beautiful old building. This was the finest store in the district when it was built in 1890 and owned by William J. Morrish. William was the first surviving son of John Morrish, who was born in Ohio. At the time, Highland Creek was a farming community and the Morrish building provided space for living, sales and storage. The Morrish business included hardware, dry goods, boots, shoes, farm machinery and groceries with flour, sugar, tea and salt being a small part of the business.

By 1914, William Morrish installed a fuel pump when the automobile started to replace the horse as a means of transport. This was the only pump between Toronto and Whitby. Gas was 17 cents a gallon. The retailer profited by 3 cents.

William turned the business over to his sons, Roy and Charles. William Morrish died in 1924. Roy left to open his own business and Stuart and Florence with their 3 children moved in and ran the store until 1967.

During the depression merchants found it difficult since they often had to wait for two months for money and cash flow was difficult.

Rationing of sugar, tea, butter coffee and meat came after the war in 1939 and Sundays were spent sticking hundreds of ration stamps to gummed sheets.