By Madison Johnstone

The end of summer brings about a series of changes we have all grown accustomed to: the shorter days, colder air, and reminders of the new school year bombarding us everywhere. Before we know it, a trip to the grocery store has turned into a full-on stationary haul. Yes, as soon as August rolls around there is no safe space that hasn’t been decorated with some form of back to school propaganda.

At Mowat, this school year has brought about its own series of changes. The largest of which is our new schedules — we’ve switched to the semester system. Gone are the days of juggling up to eight exams all at once! As with all changes, this system will definitely take some adjusting to, but the reception seems bright. Not only has the school year brought new changes, but new faces as well. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new vice-principal Ken Mulgrew as well as all our budding Grade 9 students!

Already clubs and councils are buzzing. Music council has announced its Performing Arts Night and Cabaret, both to take place in November. Prefects are gearing up for another round of the Grade 9 Freshie Follies competition, packed with both new and traditional activities. SAC is already in action, introducing a curious and spooky event to take place in October — “Halloweek”! Our very own thespians from the Mowat Theatrical Society are taking their stage skills to Joseph Howe Senior Public School to run a monthly drama club where students will participate in games and exercises to hone both their confidence and their acting abilities. And the beloved Mowat Misprints will be going digital, moving their news to an online platform.

The general feeling at Mowat early in our 2017-2018 school year is comfortable. Units are easy, ISUs (independent study units) are only a section on the course outlines, and exams are still far enough in the distance that we can all pretend they aren’t coming. Things are settling in for what hopes to be the best year yet!

Madison Johnstone is a Grade 12 student at Mowat. She is an avid member of Theatre Mowat and a media studies student. She plans to study English after high school and hopes to one day become a bestselling fiction author.