After our surprising mid-April ice storm, it’s nice to finally seen the lush greenery of Scarborough-Rouge Park returning to our community!

Earth Day Tree Planting

I would like to begin by thanking those of you who joined my team and me at my third Annual Earth Day Tree Planting event on Sunday, April 22 with the Friends of the Rouge Watershed. Following the direction of Friends of the Rouge staff, members of our community worked together planting trees and restoring natural habitat within the Rouge National Urban Park. Restoration projects are not only important to the integrity and vitality of the unique ecosystems within our park, but will help ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities as we have to connect with our environment and enjoy our local wildlife.

Spring Walk in the Rouge Park

I would also like to thank those of you who joined us for our annual Spring Walk in the Rouge Park on Saturday, April 28. As is the case with all our seasonal walks in the Rouge, the team at Parks Canada did a spectacular job highlighting the hidden gems and often overlooked nuances of our local urban oasis. During the walk, a number of community members remarked how impressed they were with “The Rouge” app, which was recently launched. The Rouge app provides individuals with up-to-date information about park trails, allows users to track their progress through the park using a GPS- based tour guide and receive real-time notifications about local plant and wildlife sightings. If you plan on visiting the Rouge National Urban Park this year, I encourage you to download this free app, which will surely enhance your park experience.

Launch of Meadoway Park

Speaking of the Rouge National Urban Park, did you know that the Rouge is the easternmost end of Toronto’s new Meadoway Park? The 16 km Meadoway Park stretches from the Don River Ravine all the way to the Rouge National Urban Park and will provide pedestrians and cyclists alike with a safe green path between Scarborough and downtown Toronto. I was delighted to join Toronto Mayor John Tory, my fellow Member of Parliament John McKay, representatives from Toronto City Council and Toronto Region Conservation Authority at the launch of this exciting green initiative.

Bill C-71

Last month in the House of Commons, it was my honour to speak about Bill C-71, an Act to Amend Certain Acts and Regulations in Relation to Firearms. For far too long, families in Canada have been affected by senseless acts of gun violence. Sadly, instances of gun violence are on the rise in Canada, with increases in total firearms incidents, including firearms related murders and domestic violence incidents against women involving a firearm.

Here in Scarborough- Rouge Park, we are not immune from gun violence. In 2012, individuals opened fire into a civilian crowd at a local community celebration, killing two and injuring 23, marking the largest mass-shooting incident in Toronto’s history. Last July, three young men in our community lost their lives to gun violence as a result of multiple gun incidents over the same weekend. Bill C-71 addresses gun violence in Canada by strengthening existing gun laws and helping to ensure the safety and protection of families across Canada.

Spring Open House

For those of you who were unable to join us at our April community events, I would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, May 26 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for our annual Spring Open House. This will take place at my Constituency Office, 3600 Ellesmere Road, Unit 3, and is an opportunity for members of our community to connect with one another and ask my team and me questions related to federal policy and federal services. No appointments are necessary for the open house so please stop by and say hello!

As always, my team and I are eager to hear your ideas, assist you with federal services, answer your questions and notify you about our upcoming events in the community. For updates and inquiries, please contact my constituency office at:
416 283 1414 or