As I look around me I am thankful to be living so near the Rouge National Urban Park and its magnificent display of fall colours. With the weather being more like summer than fall, it gives us a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy watching our seasons change.

With so many people out walking and cycling, I am pleased to advise you that the province plans to introduce new legislation this fall to protect vulnerable road users. Tough new rules and penalties would help improve road safety for both pedestrians and cyclists. If passed, this new legislation would reduce the number of people killed or injured by impaired, distracted and dangerous drivers.

The proposed measures include:

  • A new offence for careless driving causing death or bodily harm with penalties that include fines, licence suspension and imprisonment.
  • Tougher penalties for distracted driving, such as using a cellphone while operating a vehicle, including higher fines, more demerit points and licence suspensions.
  • Increased penalties for drivers who fail to yield for pedestrians and escalating fines for drivers who are convicted of multiple pedestrian-related offences within a five-year window.
  • Expanding the use of rear flashing blue lights for enforcement and emergency vehicles.

For 16 years in a row, Ontario’s roads have been ranked either first or second safest in North America, but more can still be done. These strong measures add to recently announced tough new penalties for those who drive under the influence of drugs, including cannabis.

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