Last month we wrote about Councillor Jim Hart convening a panel of community members to determine a public property to be named for former councillor Ron Moeser. That panel meeting took place on April 23 and about 25 people from across Ward 44 showed up.

Seven CCRA members attended with the results of our survey, which was sent out to the 450 people on our email list. Out of the 98 Centennial residents who responded, 40 did not want anything named in memory of Ron. At the meeting, Councillor Hart said that “nothing” is not an option, that “something” has to be named because that’s what the mayor and city council voted to do.

The only proposal presented at the meeting was to name the waterfront trail from Rouge Beach to East Point Park in honour of Ron. Some community associations supported this. But Councillor Hart is waiting for input from the associations that have not discussed it with their executive. Once he hears back from them it seems he will proceed to recommend the naming of the trail. It appears that naming the waterfront trail is the only proposal being considered. CCRA does not support this and suggested naming a street or the roundabout at the bottom of Port Union Rd. after him, or even a shorter section of the trail.

The CCRA executive believes a decision of this nature requires more time and more input from Ward 44 residents to explore other options. We will be pursuing this further. We welcome your comments at