By Denise Bacon

It was six years ago that the City of Toronto Transportation Services-Scarborough Division studied the need for traffic control signals or pedestrian crossing protection at Meadowvale Rd. and Lawrence Ave. The study concluded that “the installation of traffic control signals or a pedestrian crossover is not justified at the subject intersection at this time.” 

Since then, a new community of more than 230 people has sprung up in Centennial at École élémentaire Catholique Saint-Michel (Saint Michel Catholic Elementary School) at the foot of Meadowvale Rd.  Students, parents, teachers and staff who take the TTC to school daily have to cross Lawrence during rush hour. School trips sometimes require groups of students to take the bus to the Rouge Hills GO station. This means that large numbers of young children have to cross Lawrence and teachers and the principal having to play “traffic cop” and stop traffic in both directions for the children to cross safely. We well know that traffic moves fast along this stretch of Lawrence since there are no stop signs nor traffic lights for long distances east and west of Meadowvale.

Upon our request, Councillor Jennifer McKelvie’s office brought this concern to Traffic Operations at Toronto Transportation Services. The good news is that Traffic Operations has sent a service request to re-assess this intersection. We will keep the community informed about updates received on this important topic. In the meantime, Councillor McKelvie’s office requested increased police enforcement along Lawrence in the morning and after school hours and arranged for the installation of lawn signs to help slow traffic.

It’s up to all of us to “WHOA Slow Down” in the area! There are children crossing.