Port Union Seniors were honoured at the volunteer appreciation event on November 21. Left to right: Jean Palmer (assistant treasurer), Ann Standard (vice-president), Major Cooke (Memory Lane band leader), Nesta Pickering (special events), Shirley Airdrie (special events), and Rob McMulkin (Community Recreation Programmer Port Union C.C.)

By Kathy Rowe

Each year many outstanding Scarborough volunteers connected with city recreation facilities are nominated by city staff and recognized by Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation management. In November, five worthy Centennial area volunteers were the recipients of this esteemed award. An appreciation dinner was held at L’Amoreaux Community Centre in honour of the nominees. The evening was full of tributes, entertainment and pride.

This photo shows five members of the Port Union Seniors executive committee alongside city staff member Rob McMulkin. Rob was proud to nominate such a dedicated group of volunteers for 2019. As a part-time staff member at the Port Union Community Centre, I can tell you first-hand how hard these volunteers work each day. Their contributions to the community centre bring joy and fulfillment to those who enjoy attending the variety of programs for seniors. Congratulations to an exceptional team! The Port Union Seniors welcome new volunteers throughout the year. Volunteering is a wonderful way to expand your social network and contribute to your community in a valuable way.