The entrance to the Centennial portion of the trail

The entrance to the Centennial portion of the trail is near the former location of the Scarborough, Pickering and Markham Wharf Company’s wharf and shipping facilities operating from 1849 to 1895.

A unique shoreline park in the eastern reaches of the city featuring cobblestone beaches, pedestrian lookouts and connections to waterfront trails. The park provides lakefront access in an area where previously none existed.

Port Union Waterfront Park provides nearly four kilometres of beautiful shoreline recreational space in a part of Toronto’s eastern waterfront that historically lacked public access. The public can now enjoy recreational activities along the multi-use trail and enhanced shoreline, which provides a stunning water’s-edge route to walk, cycle or skate through the area.

A unique and accessible urban escape, the sprawling park not only enhances the area and connects the local community to the lake, but also helps to establish Port Union as a recreational destination for the entire city to enjoy.

Port Union Waterfront Park is located on the shore of Lake Ontario between the mouth of Highland Creek and the Rouge River in the eastern end. The project has improved recreational access to the waterfront, created 3.8 km of waterfront trail, added shoreline protection and enhanced terrestrial and aquatic habitat.

The park is composed of a series of headland beach systems which are integrated into two existing dynamic beaches at the western (Phase one) and eastern (Phase two) ends of the project area, as well as a larger headland in the central portion of the site, known as the Pedestrian Node.

Phase one opened in September 2006. The second and final phase opened in November 2012. Phase two also included the construction of a new gateway at the eastern edge of the park that connects the City of Toronto and the City of Pickering’s waterfront trails. 

You can access the Centennial portion of the trail park by the pedestrian underpass at the Port Union Village Common very near the former location of the Scarborough, Pickering and Markham Wharf Company’s shipping facilities from 1849 to 1895.