The holiday season is coming up quickly

Our fall certainly became winter all of a sudden! Now we are quickly closing in on the holiday season. Stay warm folks, I fear it could be a long winter!


Our Annual General Meeting was held on November 14 and, unfortunately, the attendance was low therefore we did not have a quorum. Quite the opposite from last year. Despite the sparse attendance, we were pleased to have Councillor Jennifer McKelvie come and speak with the audience about transportation,  crime in our ward, and things we can do to improve our carbon footprint and care for the environment.  There was an informative discussion about several topics. I wish to thank Jennifer for speaking at our meeting.

CCRA Scholarship Award

On November 1, the CCRA award was presented at the Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate 2018-2019 commencement celebration.  The CCRA was very pleased to know that this award was won by past CCRA board member Lakshmi Anandaraj.  Past president Jennifer McKelvie was at the ceremony and presented her with the award. Congratulations and all the best to Lakshmi as she takes on Queen’s University!

2nd Annual Pumpkin Parade

Our pumpkin parade on November 1 literally blew it out of the park! Over 150 creatively carved pumpkins were displayed on the footpath along the east side of the Port Union Community Centre. The cool dry weather was perfect for the event. I’d like to thank Councillor Jennifer McKelvie and her team for serving the warm apple cider as well as providing prizes for our draw. Thanks to the volunteers who came out to help with the setup and cleanup. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Neighbourhood crosswalk

“Want a crosswalk in your neighbourhood? Good luck.” That was the headline on the front page of the Toronto Star on Saturday November 2 with a photo of yours truly smack in the middle! Front page! Now that’s good exposure. When I was asked to do an interview with the Star reporter I certainly didn’t expect to see the article there. Yes, the CCRA is lobbying for a crosswalk at the crazy intersection of Meadowvale and Lawrence. “You don’t need a crosswalk at this intersection,” the Star photographer said to me, “you need a light!” He’s right. Anyone who has ever traversed that intersection is well aware of the dangers it poses to both cars and pedestrians.  The city needs to change the criteria for crosswalk and stop light applications. Let’s hope this happens before it’s too late. The councillor is on our side so the CCRA will continue to monitor the situation.

Community Carol Sing

Please join me on Sunday, December 8 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Dunstan of Canterbury Church for the Annual Community Carol Sing. The CCRA helps to support this event by providing refreshments.  It’s always a fun evening and laughs are guaranteed!

I want to thank you for reading and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday !