Thanks to all who worked so hard on Winterfest

 By Kathy Rowe

We are at the winter half-way mark! Winterfest, our winter celebration on January 26  was a huge success and I must thank the Winterfest committee for their excellent planning, follow-through and the delivery of such a fun family event for our community.

Jake Forsyth, Winterfest committee chair, worked hard with the team to bring out some great activities, food and entertainment throughout the day. Committee members Jessica Dodd, Lori Gagnon, Rob McMulkin (City of Toronto), Jeffrey Law (Parks Canada) and I worked together to bring in vendors, organize interesting displays, coordinate games, and provide student volunteers.

A hearty thanks to Robert Hinz and his son Jon who arranged for all of the acts on our musical stage. Rudy Kirpal purchased and prepared the food at the barbecue. Thanks Rudy for feeding the crowd!

Great work by all involved for a fun-filled day celebrating winter in our community!

More about Winterfest and photos

Our new board members

I want to take this time to formally welcome and acknowledge our new CCRA board members. Kathy McGrath has stepped into the Communications Chair position. As one of our regular Centennial News writers, we know she will do a wonderful job in this role. Karthika Yogasegavan will be taking on the position of Conservation Chair and will keep us up-to-date on issues affecting our environment and green spaces. Mark Campbell will be supporting our newspaper by bringing in community stories. Jessica Dodd, Lori Gagnon, Leeanne Larabie and Karthiga Dharmananda each have special skills in promotion, leadership and sponsorship. These women will be helping wherever they can with event planning and CCRA branding. Last, I must mention Zinta Erdmanis, our new treasurer, and Elizabeth Todoroska, our new secretary. These two have been in their roles since November and they have been doing exceptional jobs. The CCRA is very fortunate to have so many wonderful new board members.

Celebrate with us!

 The CCRA will be celebrating 70 years on Saturday, March 30. Our dinner dance celebration will be held at the West Rouge Community Centre. The theme will be “the ‘70s era” so get out your big hair and powder blue bell bottoms! More details to come. Please mark the date.