Looking forward to events resuming in the fall

By Kathy Rowe

June is here and the weather has been quite nice for the past few weeks. The gardens are looking more beautiful every day. Fingers crossed that COVID restrictions become loosened this summer as more and more people become vaccinated.

CCRA Talent Show

Our community talent show was a success! Take a look at the photos on this page and you will see a fun collage of the 2021 participants. We encourage more entries next year! We are experiencing issues with posting the talent video due to copyrighted music within the video. Once we have solved this problem we will post the video and announce it to the community.

McGrath Court residents victorious

President Kathy Rowe with resident L.L, who was instrumental in getting a three-way stop sign approved for McGrath Court and Tilley Dr.

For the past seven years, residents of McGrath Court have observed an increase in delivery vehicles rushing to make their deliveries. Confused drivers turn around in the court searching for the continuation of Tilley Drive as children access the nearby school grounds.

The need to make this area safe has been paramount since 2014 when residents organized to fight for an all-way stop at the tricky intersection of Tilley and McGrath. Finally, with support from three levels of government, the principal of Centennial JPS, the CCRA, and numerous residents, Councillor Jennifer McKelvie was successful in amending the item to pass unanimously at Scarborough Community Council on May 18. The imminent installation of an all-way stop will undoubtedly make this intersection much safer for everyone coming in and out of this area.

A safe and happy summer

I want to wish all residents of Centennial a safe and happy summer. This has been a challenging several months for all of us in this year of lockdowns and I look forward to resuming community events in the fall.