Congratulations to our new councillor!

By Kathy Rowe

As I write this article there is a distinct chill in the air. The days are becoming shorter and the leaves are falling more and more as each day passes. I’d like to begin my report by congratulating Jennifer McKelvie, Ward 25’s new councillor. The CCRA looks forward to working with our former president on issues that concern our vibrant community. Congratulations to the elected school trustees in our area.

The All-Candidates Meeting that was hosted by the three area associations on October 10 was an excellent way for our residents to become familiar with the candidates for council. School trustee candidates were also invited to meet and greet before and after the meeting.

The attendance was impressive and it proved that our residents were keen to make educated decisions at the ballot box. Thank you to all the volunteers who either organized or assisted in making this meeting such a great success. I’d also like to thank you the residents for coming out to the meeting.

Trail Dedication
On Saturday, October 6, I attended the Ron Moeser trail dedication at Rouge Beach. The event was attended by all of the members of the Moeser family, many friends and local politicians. Heartfelt speeches were made and a permanent sign was unveiled at the start of the trail.

Community Christmas Bazaars
The month of November always brings opportunities to start our holiday preparations. There are numerous Christmas bazaars in and around our neighbourhood throughout the month. Please check our Community Events Calendar on page 18 for your shopping details.

Annual General Meeting
The CCRA annual general meeting will be taking place at the Port Union Community Centre on Wednesday, November 21 st at 7:30 p.m. Please join us to welcome new members to our executive. Our AGM is the perfect opportunity for residents to find out more about what the CCRA is doing to support this community. We will be happy to address your questions and concerns. We look forward to meeting with you on November 21.