Join our Annual General Meeting on November 16

By Kathy Rowe

I encourage readers to attend our AGM on Tuesday, November 16 at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be virtual on the Microsoft Teams platform. Find out about the CCRA and what we do through the course of a year. This meeting is open to all residents and we look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. On November 2nd there will be details on the front page on how to receive a link to the event.

Multi-tenant housing issue

 In our September paper, Denise Bacon reported on the hot-button issue of multi-tenant housing. In early October, City Council reviewed the report “Creating the Regulatory and Compliance Framework for Multi-tenant Houses across Toronto.” On October 4, Mayor John Tory and City Councillors referred the report back to staff for further consultation, and to assess concerns raised by communities across the city. Concerns included parking enforcement, number of rooms per unit, enhanced inspection plans and more. There is much work to be done and City Council will revisit the issue in 2022.

Pumpkin Parade

As I write this article the parade has yet to happen but I am confident that the event will be great fun. I’d like to thank the Pumpkin Parade committee members from the CCRA, WRSR, HCVA and WRCA who helped with the planning. My thanks go out to the community adult and student volunteers who came forward to help with the set-up, the parade and the clean-up. Many thanks to Rob McMulkin at the Port Union Community Centre for creating the event permit and assisting us with the tools to make it happen.  Heaps of thanks go to the parents and children who came with their pumpkins so that residents could enjoy the pumpkin artistry one last time!

Petty crime in our community

We live in a beautiful and exceptionally friendly community. We are indeed fortunate to have the very best of what a community can offer. Although our crime rate in Centennial is low, there have been reports of petty crime from time to time. The biggest concern is the theft of contents from unlocked cars. Those of us who need to park on our driveways MUST remember to lock the car doors. An unlocked car is an open invitation for thieves to steal items from glove boxes and trunks. Individuals are checking car doors during the wee hours and this is an ongoing problem that will likely never go away.

As the weather gets colder, we are tempted to warm up our cars while we wait inside our homes. This gives thieves the perfect opportunity to steal a car. Let’s remain wise to this kind of behaviour. If residents do experience theft of any kind, it’s very important to file a report with a constable at 43 Division. The non-emergency number to call and file a report is 416-808-4300. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Covid-19 Vaccination Rate

I reported in September that the percentage of vaccinated residents 12 and up was close to 82 percent. That number has risen to 87 percent. This is terrific news. Keep it up, Centennial! Soon we will be looking at a third dose. Stay well.