Our Annual General Meeting will be in person this year

By Kathy Rowe

The fall weather has certainly brought us some stunning foliage colours this year. My October walks through local trails were a great way to witness and appreciate our beautiful surroundings. It seems to me that the colour of the leaves peaked a bit later in October. As a result, we may be raking them later in November! Please take a look at our centre spread, which has some gorgeous photos of local trees.

CCRA Annual General Meeting

The CCRA will hold our in-person AGM on Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Port Union Community Centre. Join us as we discuss our accomplishments in 2021/2022, our financial statements, and the voting in of an executive board for 2023.

Federal Electoral Commission Hearing         

On October 18, I attended a public hearing at the Scarborough Civic Centre regarding the proposed federal electoral boundaries. There were 30 speakers who came to present their views to the Ontario commission.

Most speakers were residents from Agincourt. I was there to speak on behalf of the Centennial community. I made it known to the commission that Scarborough cannot afford to lose a riding, which would result in less representation at the federal level. This opinion was unanimous among all the speakers.

Many speakers made it clear that Scarborough is a city of interest and a vibrant city with a diverse culture as well as a strong history. Scarborough residents and leaders at this hearing were vehement that Scarborough maintain our six seats and our current electoral boundaries.

The redistribution of boundaries disregards the cultural identity and historical significance of Scarborough, especially Agincourt and the Golden Mile. The proposed realignment impacts Scarborough’s identity and our residents’ connections to their neighbourhoods, businesses, and their local community. 

The commission continues to hold virtual and in-person public hearings across the province. A decision by the commission will be made ????

Community Pumpkin Parade

On Tuesday, November 1, our fifth annual Pumpkin Parade was held at the Port Union Community Centre. I want to thank all of the student volunteers and volunteers from the four area associations: WRSR, WRCA, HCCA and CCRA for putting on another successful pumpkin parade. Many thanks to MPP Vijay Thanigasalam and councillor Jennifer McKelvie for their contributions to the event. Fun was had by all!