By Cal MacMillan

In October 2016, the Municipal Licensing & Standards Division along with City Planning released a report entitled “Proposed Regulatory and Licensing Strategy for Multi-Tenant Houses & Consultation Plan.”

It recommends initiating a pilot program in five areas across the city that were identified as having a higher concentration of rooming houses. The city would enact a temporary bylaw to allow rooming houses to operate for a set period of time with the intent of analyzing the effects and report back on a strategy at a later date.

One of the five consultation areas identified for the pilot study includes a large section of Highland Creek in the vicinity of the university campus. The area boundaries are Morrish Rd., Highway 401, and Military Trail from Highway 2A to Morningside Ave.

The proposals put forward in this report, if eventually adopted, could have a significant impact on the character of our single-family communities, not just in Highland Creek but all across Scarborough.

You can learn more about this proposal by attending a public consultation meeting on Tues., June 6 from 6:30- 8:30 p.m. at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, 1265 Military Trail, Room HW305. The full report and background information can be viewed at:

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