“I’m afraid you have humans”

By Sid Chaurasia

Collectively, as the human race, we’ve begun to tear apart the Earth. We’ve littered, polluted, dirtied, misused, poisoned, and really harmed our one planet. It’s only right that after years if not decades of this disrespect for our home, we show a little love back. So how can you help?

Let’s face it, we’ve all gone through a workshop, signed up for an online presentation, listened to a lecture, and watched the ads. We’ve all heard the scientist in the school, or read what the angry blogger had to say. But none of us paid any heed to the message desperately trying to be conveyed. “It’s not me!” we say. “I always recycle!”

To be fair, though, most of us may have been intrigued. Some of us have felt ashamed at the kind of neglect we show to our planet. And a few even promise to do better. They set aside goals for themselves, and allocate an hour to go outside and plant a tree or pick up the garbage. But how many people follow through? Sure, you made the plans. But life’s busy and before you know it the day’s gone and you got nothing done.

So let’s do something different this year. Let’s be the difference. Let’s make up our mind to be the change. And all it takes is one person: you.

Last year’s Earth Day is a good personal example for me. I was outside with some friends when someone had a bright idea. A simple thought: “Let’s pick up the litter.” That was it. One person spoke their mind, and it got all of us thinking.

It started with four people, but in half an hour we had amassed a group of about 12. And in an hour we had picked the street clean. Nobody demanded that we help the Earth. Nobody even said anything to us. But we did it because we wanted to, and because it was fun.

So try to get out there with your own group of friends, your own crazy gang, and help the Earth. Trust me, our planet needs it.

HEY THERE! If you’re curious about CCRA’s Earth Day event on April 23 at the Port Union Community Centre, make sure to visit. It’s a great way to help our community, seeing as volunteers get gloves and garbage bags along with a free lunch and community service hours if you need them. Spread the word