Kerry is an avid reader and a frequent visitor to Port Union Community Centre and the library where he comes to socialize and catch up on news. Kerry enjoys the touch and feel of turning the paper pages of a book. “I have always regarded books as my best friends and they need to be cared for,” he said. Kerry has been a volunteer distributor of Centennial News for well over 10 years

By Don Lawrence and Denise Bacon

These days, the Port Union Public Library is a community hub.

In an interview for CCRA News in November, branch head Nicole Lehman said, “The library staff, library users, community members and city staff make up a sharing, thoughtful and kind community.” Sharing the building with Port Union Community Centre is a big bonus for Nicole.

While the library still has the traditional stacks of books and movies for people to borrow, library services are ever evolving and expanding to meet the changing needs of the community.

For example, the library has digital services for people to borrow electronic versions of thousands of downloadable books, magazines, online databases, and lifelong learning educational materials readily available to everyone in the community. All check-outs and check-ins can be done without ever actually visiting the library.

If people wish to search the “old-fashioned way”  by visiting the library and speaking with staff, they are encouraged to do so. The Port Union staff are an amazing resource and they love to show customers all that the library can offer. They may ask a customer about their particular interests and suggest the appropriate resource or service.

These could include special programs for children, afternoon or evening Book Clubs, watching films at Monday Night at the Movies or joining a knitting circle. During school PA days, special programs are hosted for school-age children.

A customer can even “Book-a-Librarian” for a free personalized appointment to learn how to effectively research a topic, download electronic books, eMagazines, eAudiobooks, or how to use the library’s resources, and basic instruction on using the computers available to the public . Contact library staff to reserve your personalized 30-60 minute session.

Or maybe on a cold winter’s day, you could just grab a good book – paper or electronic, of course – to curl up and read.

The Port Union library provides a safe community environment and the staff make you feel welcome.