By Denise Bacon

They built it and the people came! This is the story of the newest addition to Centennial Plaza, which helps to keep our community vibrant and keeps us shopping and eating locally.

Patty Stop in Centennial Plaza is truly a family story. Sabrina Cheddie and her husband, Freddy Gyebi, and Jason Cheddie and his wife, Jennifer Cheddie, opened Patty Stop on January 14. This venture grew from Justin Cheddie, brother to Sabrina and Jason, encouraging his family to start a business in the vacant store beside his barber shop, which he opened in the plaza in October. The Cheddies’ dad renovated the space for the Patty Stop as an easy take-out restaurant and all the parents of the four owners regularly chip in to help.

Scarborough has always been home to the Cheddies, Freddy and Jennifer so they are thrilled to now run a business here. Sabrina, who is mother to a 9-year-old boy and a 3-month-old baby girl, said she is so lucky and happy to come to work at Patty Stop just about 10 minutes from her home.

“We grew up eating stuffed patties at Malvern Mall,” said Sabrina. So, when considering what business to pursue, it became an easy decision for them to open Patty Stop and serve the familiar and much-loved Caribbean snack, especially since there were no other Caribbean offerings in the vicinity.

The family decided to kick it up a notch from their youthful experience at Malvern Mall. Instead of simply “stuffed patties,” Patty Stop serves “loaded patties” made exclusively for them.

Patty Stop has not advertised at all as of the writing of this article. Sabrina said, “On January 14, we turned on the lights, unlocked the front door and turned the OPEN sign outwards. People just started coming in!”

There was anticipation about this new take-out restaurant as the renovations were taking place and the sign went up. Members of West Rouge Residents Facebook page gave a shout out to Patty Stop on their site and many people came out to give it a try.

The restaurant is gaining momentum with Mowat students, too. Daniella D, a Grade 12 student, said, “A couple of friends said it’s really good so we decided to check it out!”

The Centennial and neighbouring communities are happy to have a new addition to tickle our tastebuds right here in our neighbourhood!