Hey kids! Can you find these items in the hidden village? 6 Christmas trees, 5 Snowmen, 6 Candy canes, 4 Stockings, 3 Elves, 3 Yetis, 3 Kids sledding, 2 Dreidels, 2 Squirrels, 1 Kinara, 1 Santa Claus, 1 Street sign, St Dunstan church, The Centennial mural.

This delightful art is brought to you by Emily de Kruyff, who grew up in Centennial and attended Mowat, Joseph Howe and Charlottetown schools here. She also attended Sheridan College for illustration, visual and creative arts and art fundamentals. Emily spends most of her time dreaming of other worlds within our own, and she believes if you look hard enough you can find magic in any part of the world. In Centennial she sees tiny elf villages, yetis under bridges, fairies dancing in trees and myths come to life in the parks. She knows there are many hidden worlds all around us, you just have to look for them. “I wanted kids to look at the illustration and go looking for the tiny village. Hopefully, it inspires some kids,” she said