Over the years my husband Brian and I have been helping with Ron’s committees and projects. Ron was always very appreciative of volunteer help, so it was easy to keep coming back to help him. We even handed out campaign flyers door to door one year when my husband was wearing a foot cast, as Brian really wanted to help Ron during his run for office.

Years ago, Kirkdene Park’s flower bed was removed. Between Brian and myself, Ron and our neighbours, we were able to get flowers once again. It may seem trivial, but it was our corner of the community we missed and wanted back and he listened and acted positively. Now we just didn’t plant flowers, Ron provided hot dogs and cold drinks to make it a real community event.

When a new playground was put in Kirkdene Park, our neighbourhood input was involved. Ron always had community involvement. Everything he did was for the love of his West Rouge community and Ward 44. Ron will be very much missed as a councillor, a neighbour and a friend. Thank you for all you did Ron, rest in peace.

Angie Sheridan, West Rouge

We will miss Ron, his wisdom, experience and tenacity. The incredible green space and the single-family character of our neighbourhoods are a testament to his many years of dedicated service. Some of the many highlights of his work include the preservation of the Rouge National Urban Park, the creation of Port Union Waterfront Park and the Waterfront Trail. His legacy will live on for years to come in this wonderful corner of the city. His commitment to the residents of Ward 44 was admirable and we have him to thank for so much.

Cal MacMillan, Leah Thurston, Jim Hart, Councillor Moeser’s Office

As an employee with the City of Toronto in Ward 44, I had many opportunities to see Councillor Ron Moeser in action. He truly loved this community and the special events that took place within it. As an executive member of the CCRA, I witnessed Ron’s enthusiastic involvement at these events. We could always count on his support and participation. Ron loved to discuss neighbourhood issues and he was passionate about our parks and green spaces. Ron’s friendly nature and commitment to the community will be missed by many.

Kathy Rowe, CCRA Vice-President

With the passing of Councillor Ron Moeser in April, the citizens of Ward 44 have lost a most respected advocate. He will be missed.

June and Gayle Gibson, Lawson Road

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ron but am so grateful I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with him on many projects within our West Rouge Community.  Ron worked on the city side and I on the community side to bring the Cross Roads Skateboard Park to the Port Union Community Centre and youth dances for Grades 5-8 to the West Rouge Community Centre, which ran for over 20 years. Ron also assisted with numerous projects with the West Rouge Sports and Recreation Association. We had a great partnership. As I was reflecting on the passion and compassion that Ron had for our community, I believe he had this same feeling for all the communities that were in his ward. Ron truly loved politics and the communities that supported him. Thanks for making your Ward 44 a better place to be!

Darlene Cross, West Rouge

I first met Ron back in the early ‘80s when CCRA and the West Rouge Community Association were dealing with the removal of asbestos and site rehabilitation of the Johns Manville site. Ron was a representative from WRCA and I was the president of CCRA. Over the years he represented our ward on Scarborough council and on Toronto City Council. While a councillor in Scarborough, Ron would meet monthly with representatives of CCRA and WRCA to advise us on issues affecting our community and to receive feedback from the community associations. He worked to ensure his ward received its share of amenities and improvements. Ron has been our councillor for so many years that it is hard to believe he is no longer here to represent us.

Jeff Forsyth, Past President CCRA

Ron will be remembered as being accessible to his constituents, listening to concerns expressed and as a staunch advocate on matters pertaining to redevelopment and housing issues. He and his wife, Heather, worked as a team over the years and he will be sorely missed. I have known Ron for quite a few years both as a constituent and a friend. He was active in sports, such as tennis, running, golfing and enjoyed watching Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games. Ron was a Master Electrician and was frequently called upon to do the electrical hookups for the Heritage Day events. We would have a good laugh over this. I know that Ron had a rough time over the past year and it is comforting to know that there will be no more suffering

David Adamson, Highland Creek Community Association

Councillor Ron Moeser has been a long-time leader and advocate for Ward 44 and Scarborough as a whole. I extend my deepest condolences to his family members, staff and constituents and join with them to remember his years of dedicated service to our community.

Gary Anandasangaree, MP, Scarborough-Rouge Park

Ron served his community faithfully for many years and worked in his low-key style to bring significant improvements. Among his many accomplishments, the Waterfront Trail, the Rouge Park and the rehabilitation of the Port Union site are lasting legacies and a testimony to his dedication to the people of Scarborough East.

John McKay, MP, Scarborough-Guildwood