TDSB Trustee Anu Sriskandarajah

TDSB Connects App now available

TDSB has launched a new online app to help high school students stay connected and organized. Phase 1 is designed with secondary students in mind, helping them stay organized with school work, see their daily school calendar and stay in touch with their school community. By logging in with their TDSB school ID, their timetable is automatically populated allowing them to easily add notes, goals and details to each course.

Schools can also share announcements, updates, local calendars and more to help students stay connected and informed. Subsequent phases include features such as the student safety line, notifications and opportunities to share your voice, and also a version for elementary students and families.

The TDSB Connects App supports our commitment to be more digitally-friendly, reduce paper and find new and engaging ways to connect with students to support their success. Download the app now at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Lockdown and fire drills

At the beginning of each school year, our students and staff prepare for the year ahead by establishing the foundations for a successful year. One of the ways we know we can help students be successful is to create a safe environment. Although no one ever wants to see an emergency happen at a school, it’s important for school staff to be equipped to deal with those situations.

The TDSB has taken steps to ensure your child’s safety while in school. Each school has developed emergency preparedness plans that include steps staff will take in the event of an emergency, how staff will get students away from possible dangers, and how students’ families will be contacted.

One aspect of emergency preparedness is the lockdown and fire drill. All schools are required to conduct a minimum of two lockdown drills and six fire drills each school year. The drills last approximately five minutes and ensure plans are effective and can also identify any safety concerns. This year, since all cohorts need to participate, additional drills may be required.

Communication is also critical in any emergency situation. Please ensure the school office has accurate emergency contact information and advise us of any changes during the school year.

TCDSB Trustee Garry Tanuan

As we go into the season of Advent, we are reminded that the true spirit of Christmas is in giving. The giving or our time, patience and most importantly, displaying kindness and goodwill to others. 

Here at the TCDSB, we are honoured to be affiliated with The Angel Foundation of Learning. The AFL is the charitable organization that serves the needs of students in the TCDSB. They support students by nurturing their body, mind and soul through nutritional, educational and spiritual programs. 

Student Nutrition Programs by Angel Foundation   

In the TCDSB, 167 schools are currently running 184 student nutrition programs. Collectively, these programs serve the needs of over 60,000 students on a daily basis. Programs offer breakfast, lunches and/or snacks.

Remembrance Through an Afrocentric Lens 

During the month of November, the TCDSB staff and students explored the historical significance of Black-Canadian soldiers and veterans in shaping our country’s history. All staff were invited to share in the Remembrance Day celebration virtually.

Transition to High School Guidelines

As parents and students prepare for the transition to high school, we’ve prepared the following guidelines to help students in Grade 8 and their families become familiar with secondary schools in their expectations.  Read about the guidelines here: to High School

Christmas Drawing Contest  

Wanted: Christmas artists! The Catholic Register’s popular children’s drawing contest is back! The top entry in each of three categories will receive a $75 Amazon gift certificate, plus a six-month digital subscription. The winning drawings will appear in The Register’s Christmas edition, December 20 as well as on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Submission deadline is December 11.