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Student Mental Health and Well-Being

Supporting students and fostering daily positive mental health and well-being in all school communities is a priority at the TDSB. Visit the MHWB website to access mental health toolkits, identity affirming resources, and information about a variety of wellness topics. Whether you need immediate support or want to learn more about a particular topic, there’s information and support available. See

Learn4Life Adult Community Programs

Did you know the TDSB offers lots of adult programs? Spring 2024 registration is now open for Learn4Life’s Adult General Interest Program. The program offers a unique and valuable opportunity for individuals to pursue their interests, expand their knowledge, and engage in lifelong learning with a wide range of courses and activities. Visit Learn4Life’s program page for more information:

Budget Update

It is that important time of year again, whereby the TDSB plans the budget for the upcoming year. The revised annual operating and capital budget is approximately $3.7 billion. School boards are required to submit a balanced budget plan to the Ministry of Education at the end of each school year. In June 2023, the TDSB approved a budget of $3.6 billion with an estimated 0.5 per cent operating deficit approved by the ministry.

While the TDSB stays committed to using these resources as responsibly as possible, the funding provided by the government does not fully meet the needs of students in Toronto. To address the ongoing financial constraint, the TDSB developed a three-year deficit recovery plan to balance the budget.

The cost of supply teachers is also underfunded as the province does not provide funding for the increase in absenteeism. School boards across the province continue to struggle to support the needs of their students as there is a significant gap between provincial funding and the actual expense of school boards.

The TDSB utilizes sources of funding and other revenues, such as international student tuition and lease revenues, to offset the funding gaps. Ministry allocations are only restricted in a few areas including Special Education and Capital. Beyond these areas, school boards have flexibility in spending these grants.

TCDSB Trustee Garry Tanuan

For Catholics, Eastertime is viewed as the greatest feast of the liturgical year of Christianity that focuses on celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Springtime symbolizes new beginnings, a time for awakening from the slumber of winter and the eternal hope of renewal. I wish you and your loved ones a most Blessed Easter.

 Justice is April’s Virtue of the Month at the TCDSB.

Ward 8 School Childcare Projects

In recent years, the conversation around childcare has gained significant momentum, recognizing it as not only a fundamental need for families but also as a cornerstone for educational development. Childcare spaces in schools are crucial for allowing a seamless transition from early learning into the broader education system.

There are a total of 196 childcare spaces at risk in Ward 8, and projects to add and retrofit childcare spaces cannot move forward without the government fulfilling its announcements and full funding promised three to six years ago.

There are four incomplete Childcare Addition/Retrofit projects in Ward 8 at St. Dominic Savio Catholic School, St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School, St. Florence Catholic School, and St. Malachy Catholic School. Each school was planned to have three rooms with 49 childcare spaces and cannot move forward without the government fulfilling its full funding promise.

Schools and our parishes serve as central hubs for families and communities, and it is integral that we work together to provide the support needed to ensure the success of children during their formative years.

You can help advocate for these Childcare Addition/Retrofit projects by writing and calling Scarborough Rouge Park MPP Vijay Thanigasalam at or 416-283-8448, as well as Minister Raymond Cho, Scarborough North MPP at or 416-314-0797 to expedite the process of going forward with these important projects.

Angel Foundation Bursaries and Awards

More than $50,000 worth of bursaries/awards are being offered this year. The deadline is April 26. Details and application forms are on the Foundation’s website:

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