Adams Park Gate
CCRA President W.A. Dempsey, announced at a meeting on October 19th, 1950, that an offer to purchase the Adams property from the family of landowner Thomas Adams for use as a community park had been accepted. Throughout the following years, the CCRA raised and spent the money on planning and improving the park. In Centennial year 1967, the CCRA erected the stone entrance gate off Lawson Road and officially opened the park. A plaque was placed near the entrance with an inscription to “Uncle Tommy Adams”

By Don Lawrence

We are fortunate to live in an area that still shows its history, has lots of parks and is close to nature. If you’re really up for a good walk or want to see the sights with visiting friends and family, here are a few suggestions. These are not “sights,” in the classic tourism sense but more an adventure in exploring new places. You can walk the *Confederation neighbourhood created in 1967 between Centennial Road and Port Union Road that has schools and streets named after people instrumental in Canada’s formation.

* Charlottetown, Chapais, Cockburn, Conference, Haviland, Joseph Howe, Langevin, McCully, D’Arcy McGee, McGrath, Mowat, Shea, Tilley, Charles Tupper
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