By Linda Barlow

With the increase in social shopping options, second-hand has become trendy again. Facebook, Varage Sale and Kijiji make it easier than ever to find that perfect item in EUC (excellent used condition).

Did you know that our community has its own little online garage sale that is active year-round?  The West Rouge Buy and Sell Facebook page has been active for just over five years and has over 2,100 members. With more than 500 posted items for sale per month, this page is a wonderful way to find what you need new or second-hand and in great condition within the boundaries of our neighbourhood.

Members post photos of items with details of condition, price and location, then residents can indicate interest and arrange pickup. The best part is that it’s all local! Often items are new or in like-new condition, which is a great option for parents with young kids who won’t stop growing amd have ever- changing interests. 

What kinds of things can be bought and sold? Almost everything! It really is like a garage sale and you can find almost anything. Need something? Post an ISO (in search of) with a price and description and let your neighbours help you find it.

If you are interested in learning more, search “West Rouge Buy and Sell” on Facebook and request to join. It’s that simple.