Dear Readers

By Kathryn Stocks

We chose CCRA’s 75th anniversary to send out our first-ever readership survey to our e-blast database. We had hoped for a strong response, and you delivered one! Thank you. If you currently don’t receive our email updates but would like to, please subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Here are some of the results of the survey:
We were interested to learn that 74% of those who responded read the paper in print form, while 26% read it electronically either on their computer, phone or tablet.

We were delighted that 50% of respondents said they read our paper from cover to cover, and 35% read
most of the articles.

Our advertisers will be happy to learn that 72% said they buy products or services from the ads.

Your top five favourite types of stories were: profiles on local people or groups 73%, local events 70%,
things to do in the area 67%, new or established businesses 64%, and historical people and places 62%.

It will take us a bit of time to absorb all the data from our recent readership survey, but here are some of your comments that we would like to share:

“I have lived in the community for over 50 years and always appreciated the newspaper. Over the years, it has grown into a much more interesting newspaper with the subjects you cover and although you only could pick seven topics, all the ones you showed are worthwhile to read. Keep up the good work.” Maria Steger

“Centennial News reassures me that I live in a community that cares about what happens to its people and structures, is aware and proactive in its growth. Every time I pick up the paper it reminds me that my family and I made the right choice moving here 20+ years ago.” Laura L. Vickers

“I am amazed at how much information and general news about the community you are able to supply us with each month. I always enjoy reading it. With so many newspapers going out of business I commend you for your efforts.” B. Jones

“For me, Centennial News celebrates everything that is good in our community. Too much other media concentrates on all the problematic things that happen.” Rob Peck

“The Centennial News is very interesting to read, as it contains useful information about the neighbourhood and its people.” Andrzej Szulc

“It is important to have local content that is trustworthy and current.” Vito Greto

Some of you suggested topics we should write about more often, like sports, children and education. Others love seeing old photos and reading stories about our history.

The general consensus was that we’re doing a great job and people appreciate reading a paper that brings a sense of community. You enjoy meeting the people we write about and the businesses we highlight. All in all, it was very uplifting to read all your positive comments and suggestions. Thank you to everyone who did our survey!