Above, Mowat student Megan Peppard is excited to attend Cambrian College for animation this fall. The 17-year-old Mowat student, who has been serious about sketching since Grade 3, says she always liked drawing people the most. She got really inspired last year when Netflix released the highly-rated animation series Arcane: League of Legends. “It’s a gorgeous, mind-blowing series,” Megan enthused. “People had been working on it for seven years and it changed a lot of things.” Megan’s ultimate dream is to create her own animated show. “I have stories in my brain, just sitting there,” she said. Megan’s talent for creating animated art combined with compelling story ideas makes her one to watch!

The visual arts program at Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate provides students with the skills needed for success in creative careers in emerging fields. “In addition to learning about art history and contemporary artists, students learn transferable skills like critical creative thinking, analytical thinking, media literacy and visual spatial awareness,” says teacher Sabrina Vocaturo. The program also prepares them for portfolio-based applications and interviews. Teacher Alexandra (Allie) Peters says students are encouraged to explore their creativity through a variety of wet and dry media, including charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, acrylics, watercolour, sculpture, digital media and photography